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Hi-Jinx Fade to Black         aka           Katsu

We brought in a new puppy this weekend. We are calling her Katsu which in the very literal Japanese translation means "to shout" or "to be victorious." She is not an overly loud puppy, but her personality is one that can not be ignored. She, like Taiko, is from Pat Doescher of Hi-Jinx Shibas. She has already been signed up for puppy classes and will be trained as best we are able. Taiko does not like her, but he will learn. She has a potential conformation career in her future, but may go oversize as well. For agility and obedience or therapy work, that does not matter to us at all. The future is bright for Katsu. We shall see what her ultimate career will be. I believe humans can guide a dog towards a particular activity, but it is up to them to decide if they love it or not. If she is not the rock star in agility that Taiko is, that is fine. She does not have to be. We want her to try though as well as try other things. The kids love her and she is already a great addition to our family. As my daughter so eloquently put it, "I think my heart is glued back together now because I love her so much." So, a new adventure begins! Welcome Katsu!

Katus Is showing us the typical drama of a female Shiba Inu. She is brilliant and very quick to pick up on behaviors. Too quick at times. She is a lovely young lady now and a wonderful house dog. We will not be rushing to get her into competition. Her personality is not going to allow that. It's not that she is afraid- far from it. She is a perfectionist though and needs to know exactly what to expect in order to excel. She would be a marvelous lure coursing dog like her grandfather Hi-Jinx Count Blackula (Goblin). Her body awareness is exceptional. She can perch like a cat on the smallest of things. I guess we should now rethink calling her "Kat." She is in many ways living up to that name. She and Legend are the absolute best of friends. They wrestle for hours together.  

Katsu is just starting her performance career. We have introduced her to all the agility obstacles as well as a few other dogs sports- including, but not limited to rats for barn hunt, and some odors for nose work. We are still trying to see what delights this young lady. She likes agility, but she is not the speed junkie Taiko was. She is a thinker and sometimes over analyses things. I think lure coursing would delight her. Yet, I am not willing to do that sport yet with her due to her questionable recall under distraction. She is showing me that obedience is too boring for her, so that is something we will continue to work on, but at a slower pace. She is not a dog I want to push and rush. She has HUGE potential and heart. She just needs more experience. 

I never expect my Shibas to be at a competitive level by the time they are 3 years old. I know it takes years to build the foundation I am looking for in a performance dog. So we continue to train and have fun on the slower winding road. It gets us where we want to be. Wherever that may be. 

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