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So Legend is staying! I am sure that is not a surprise to anyone. I saw Legend's picture on Facebook from a litter born in Belgium this spring and loved him from the start. I could not tell you why. I just did. I am not the type of person that gets puppy fever and rarely look at pictures and have a connection with them. A few weeks after I saw his picture, I saw he was going to live in the US with Taiko and Katsu's breeder. I was happy I was going to be able to meet this dog in person some day. I watched pictures being posted of him with interest and enjoyed them. I knew he was going to be an asset to the breed. Then, a few months ago, I was emailed and asked if I knew anyone looking for a performance Shiba. In my area, I don't know anyone looking for a performance Shiba much less a pet Shiba. No one I know is that insane right now. So I gave my typical response worded similar to that. I then asked which dog was being placed. When the response back was "Legend" I was shocked and knew I had to meet him. That weekend we met Legend at a show in Eau Claire, WI. He was friendly, distracted by his environment, but happy and peed on me. Yep, he was the dog for us. Katsu was still in heat, so he could not come to live with us right away. So we waited. The week after Katsu was out of heat, Legend came for a trial run in our home which had also been invaded by my sister-in-law's Rat Terrier the same week. Crazy does not begin to describe the household. Insane is still too light of a word for it. Still, we got through the first week without anyone saying this was the worst idea on the planet, and things slowly started to become the new normal around our house.

We even braved taking him to out of town dog shows with us the second week we had him. Funny thing was, that was probably the best thing we did because that's when Katsu fell in love with him and Taiko learned he is not so bad.

Today, things are still crazy. Legend is a lot of dog. He is high energy and a teenage boy on top of it. Puberty in any species is not attractive at all times, but Katsu adores him and he adores her. Taiko and our cat Adi think maybe he could tone it down just a bit because instead of Katsu's "Ta Da!" that we are used to as a greeting in the morning, all of us now get her "Ta Da!" plus his "Must wake up, there are places to go and people to see and I must meet and see them all!" No one sleeps in at our house right now.  Two mile walks every single day, rain or shine, are mandatory now and not just optional. The nightly bully stick chew is also mandatory and well deserved by all. The first class Legend and I started together was Nancy Little's "Impulse Control" class at On the Run.  

Legend's story is just beginning. He is already showing that he wants to be part of our world. I can't wait to see where this story goes. Come along for the ride Legend, it will be a great adventure!!!!!  

The Legend adventure continues.  Legend is a lot of dog. He has a huge personality and an attitude that can not be ignored. He LOVES everyone and everything. He is game to do anything I ask and more. We are still learning how to be a team together. Legend's extra confident and exuberant way of dealing with the world makes him not always willing to play with me. He will go find someone or something else to play with if it suits him. He is a teenage boy.

We are training in agility and obedience. The obedience foundation with him is very useful for his impulse control is lacking at times. Yet, he is also brilliant and when he chooses to work, it is happy and confident. We love this boy and have great expectations for him. He too is not on the fast track to anything. His "wandering ways' need to be curbed before he hits the competition ring. His road will be interesting as well and I can't wait to see what we meet along the way.  

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